Our Volunteers

Dan, Jerry, Drew

Dan Mitchell, left: Originally built the range and began the matches at Dothan Gun Club (now Talon Range of Dothan). Dan has been shooting matches for decades, and has put years of effort into the facility, props, matches, and training volunteers. Dan loves to shoot USPSA Open Division.

Jerry Copeland, center: Works for Talon Range maintaining the property. He volunteers his time on weekends to help put on matches. Jerry shoots a Pistol Caliber Carbine and is a big help to the range and matches.

Drew Coleman, right: Current match director for the range. Drew is a certified Chief Range Officer and serves as the USPSA match director and assists with Steel Challenge. He designs and builds nearly every USPSA match with help from the other volunteers.


Patrick is an experienced competitor and range officer. He helps run both the USPSA and Steel Challenge matches as a stage builder and RO. Patrick is very proficient with his Carry Optics gun in USPSA and Steel Challenge as well as rimfire pistol.